Dont drink the Kool-Aid another dealer trys to feed you Food Grade Totes can have Black , Red or Green tops and valves Just another Dealer trying to get you to pay more and drive in Atlanta traffic. BEST PRICE ON FOOD GRADE TOTES 275 gallon FOOD GRADE Tote - $65.00 each330 gallon FOOD GRADE Tote - $75.00 each PREVIOUS FOOD PRODUCT LABEL INTACT LOCATED IN OHATCHEE , AL - 256-689-52 ONE SEVEN
Plastic totes for sale. Totes are mounted on a metal skid, not a wooden pallet275 gal $40.00 or 3 for $100.00330 gal $50.00 or 3 for $125.00THESE TOTES ARE INDUSTRIAL GRADECall or text 256 393 2228Sometimes, I cant hear my phone ring at work, so if I dont answer, please leave a message.
Poly hopper tote was going to use for feed went another direction would work great for a self feeder Deer feeder Call TXT Mike
Best Price on Barrels Totes - ALL FOOD GRADE 55 gallon open top Burn Barrel , very clean - $10.00 each 12 gallon plastic mini drum with top lock band - $10.00 each17 gallon metal mini drum with top lock band - $12.00 each55 gallon feed or shipping barrel with top lock band - $18.00 each275 gal FOOD GRADE container like new $65.00 each 330 gal FOOD GRADE Container like New -$75 eachlocated in Oh...